Drea D. sincerely hopes you’ll enjoy her strange and unusual illustrations …and sense of humor 

In another life, she may have become Dracula, or a failed ballerina. It’s hard to say, because in this life Drea has chosen to hide away in her Portland lair, creating art at home with her goblins.

Drea is a self-taught artist who prefers the term “illustrator” for some reason… probably because she loves telling stories and hiding secrets in her pieces. She learned to draw as a kid by pausing VHS tapes of Disney films and drawing her favorite characters…and now she has truly dated herself. In school, her work was reprimanded for being “too gothic” and “not living up to potential;” a criticism which also applied to the artist herself at the time. She spent her college years barely drawing at all, and instead graduated with a BFA with honors in Art History and ended up with a deep love of the subject, an award winning thesis… and not much else!

She continued to avoid her potential in her early twenties, then became a professional sign painter, which meant production illustration rendering realistic portraits, animals, landscapes, and so. very. many. log cabins. Seriously. You don’t understand. People LOVE log cabins.    SO.    MUCH.  In her early 30’s she finally got her s*** together, moved to digital illustration,  made this website, opened an etsy shop, got on instagram, and now she’s finally living her dream as a freelance illustrator at home in Portland OR with her husband and 2 little dogs, and never really needs to get dressed. It’s 3pm and her hair isn’t even brushed. It’s glorious.

Her influences include: Feminism, anything nerdy, Edward Gorey, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, classic fairy tales, gothic literature, steampunk, Peter Pan, Victorian things, Game of Thrones, dragons in general, The Hobbit, horror films, Coraline, most things Disney related, Interview with the Vampire, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Abigail Larson, Irene Horrors, The Night Circus, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Marvel comics, & countless other embarrassing things like Phantom of the Opera, there’s really too many to name! 

She works digitally these days, but is also thoroughly experienced in oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink, and virgin blood.

Though she tried to avoid it, Drea’s art ended up reflecting who she is: super geeky with a dark twist. One fan described her as “Disney after dark”; a tag line she absolutely would have stolen, were she not worried it might be misinterpreted by concerned mothers. Drea cannot seem to keep humor out of anything (that’s her family’s fault), and this leads her to turn all of her pieces into dark humor greeting cards (which she hopes will give you a laugh).

Drea found success when she finally let her work reflect who she is: a super nerdy geek fan, who happens to delight in the macabre. While drawing her fingers off, she’s usually listening to true crime podcasts, re-watching a trilogy, playing board games, avoiding goblins, and becoming increasingly unrelatable with each passing day. 

A few times a month, she cleans herself up, sets up her booth at Comicons and other Geeky events and works hard to make a name for herself before she shuffles off this mortal coil!