Drea D. sincerely hopes you’ll enjoy her strange and unusual work … and dark humor.

In another life, she may have become Dracula, or a failed ballerina. It’s hard to say, because in this life she’s chosen to hide in her Pacific Northwest lair, creating art and nursing a healthy fear of the dark. And bloody toes.

She does this digitally these days, which keeps her carpet free of colorful cat prints, but she’s also thoroughly experienced in oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink, and virgin blood.

In art school, her pieces were reprimanded for being “too gothic” and “not living up to potential;” a criticism which likely applied to the artist herself at the time. She spent many years as a professional sign painter, gaining experience rendering realistic portraits, animals, landscapes, and so. very. many. log cabins. Seriously. You don’t understand. People LOVE log cabins. SO. BLOODY. MUCH.

Her influences include: Edward Gorey, Henry Fuseli, Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, classic fairy tales, gothic literature, steampunk, Victorian things, fantasy fiction, feminism, Oscar Wilde, The Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, classic horror films, Interview with the Vampire, Body-Positivity, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, the Last Unicorn, Penny Dreadful, true crime, Abigail Larson, Through the Woods, Lore podcast, The Night Circus, films like Bram Stoker’s Dracula, & countless other embarrassing things like Phantom of the Opera.

Drea delights in the macabre in all forms. While drawing her fingers off, she’s usually listening to true crime podcasts or audio-books, researching bizarre tales, napping to ASMR videos, avoiding goblins at night, and becoming increasingly unrelatable with each passing day.

Her pieces have been shown extensively throughout the west coast, and she’s currently working hard to leave a long list of fabulously illustrated books in her wake before she shuffles off this mortal coil.


Degree: BFA with honors
College: University of California Santa Barbara
Department: Art History
Concentration /thesis: The triumph of Fuseli and the Gothic in London’s Shakespeare Gallery

Years: 2003-2007

Art-specific Awards:

Coming soon…. Just you wait.