It's hard work being so treacherous. Sometimes you just have to relax & let your hair down. Here is what I imagine that would look like for some of my favorite baddies!

A series of 6 in progress that began with a super fun commission of Jasmine & Jafar... goodies with baddies! Love it. So excited to do the rest!

The animated Hobbit is one of my all time favorites, not to mention Tolkien's work generally, which has inspired all of my tattoos. In this series I wanted to include the memorable writing as well as the feel of the beloved animated film.

A series of 6 in progress of my favorite dragons teaching Stitch how to be the most awesome dragon of all time. Why Stitch? Because...of... cuteness.

Fan art inspired by fairy tales with a feminist tilt - because I wish I had this kinda stuff when I was a kid :)

Words cannot describe how much I love these movies. They are perfection. Here is my tribute to their eternal glory!

I like to join in some pop culture art shows that rotate themes when I can- Bubble Pop Gallery and Popzilla Gallery in Anaheim have been so nice to me! Here are some fun things that I made for those shows

Some strange & spooky things.... many inspired by one of my favorite podcasts "" Others inspired by other delightful macabre things.

As a resident of the Pacific Northwest, where it rains constantly, I take my “creature comforts” seriously. I cannot recall if this idea was born of sleeplessness or too much gin… but I enjoyed interpreting this phrase literally.

My all time favorite musical, story in general... I highly recommend Susan Kay's book "Phantom" to those of you who haven't read it. Serious fan-girl art up in here.

This series is a homage to one of my favorite books, "The Night Circus," by Erin Morgenstern, which has one of the greatest openings of all time: “The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not.”

In my first ever series, the strange and unusual inhabitants of an old, sinister house were obliging enough to sit for portraits. In fact, so many of them crawled out of the woodwork that it became an alphabet series. ... I barely escaped with my life.