Here is a link to my Etsy shop:  DreaDIllustrations

Where you can sink your claws into:

wickedly geeky prints

dark humor greeting cards

Blank card box sets!


Check out my PATREON also for exclusive goodies!!


Here is a link to my Society 6 shop:  DreaDFul Art 

Where you can get your paws on Drea D’s AMAZING gifts (for you or someone else) such as:

Posters, tapestries, and wooden wall art 

Furniture! Seriously!

Bed and bath stuff

Clothes and bags

Mugs and Kitchen things!

Notebooks, stickers, stationary

Blankets, Pillows & Home Decor

Phone & laptop cases

Outdoor items

I’m happy to report that Society6 makes seriously high quality items, so you can feel safe making the purchase!

If a piece strikes your fancy while exploring my Gallery, I’ve added links to purchase that particular print in the caption

Each piece will also be up on Society6 in case you just really need it as a bag or something ; )